and relax

It always takes me a while to unwind and get into holiday mode. This time it’s taken longer as we’re away for a few days, meaning I need to do my school work this week. Grrrrr. However, today, hubby’s alarm went off and for the first time I didn’t hear it! Hooray!

This week has been a lovely mix of catching up with friends, very short, gentle walks and the darned school work. I haven’t done anything near what I should have completed, so I guess the laptop may well be coming with me. However, hubby is taking his open uni stuff and the pub has free wifi… and planning once or twice while he is boffining may be the way to go.

I’ve been really good with my exercises this week, my right leg is super strong now, but my left leg still feels that my knee has two hinges – the normal one, forward and back, but it still feels it has a new hinge – like my left heel could come up to my hip. This is VERY disconcerting and happens a lot of the time. It’s not so bad when I wear trainers, but when I wear shoes without support….ooooh it feels very dodgy.

This week I’ve learnt how to do the bicycle crunch exercise I’m feeling really chuffed as I can do it properly, with my legs low too. I MADE hubby have a go (there was a lot of protestation) and even though he is fitter than me, he couldn’t even raise his legs off the floor let alone do the arm movements…..result! I am stronger than him in one way! My muscle strength is making me feel that I am in some way managing to keep strong if not cardio strong.

I think youtube will be getting some more hits with me searching for more exercises to tone my tum! :)

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weekend roundup

The first weekend of the hols has been a nice lazysish start –


1. An hour of physio
2. Gentle 1 mile stroll, am concentrating on strengthening my knee ahead of our trip to Devon later in the hols
3. Whizzing up round the M25 to visit my Dad
4. Whizzing back to watch the end of The Voice final…..hmmmm I was split 3 ways in wanting Sally, Christina Marie and Jermain to win…..who is the best? I still can’t decide, but, I think I’d be more likely to buy Sally’s albums.


1. Trip into town to buy various bits, including a map of South Devon.

2. A trip to Patrixbourne, Bekesbourne and Bishopsbourne to check out the flooding. BBC Kent travel has said that the flooding on these local roads has “cleared” IMG_2622

Now, from the car it looks passable, however, what you can’t see is how steeply the road surface dips down, it’s still 3 – 4 foot deep in the middle. Mr BBC, this is not “cleared” by any means.

We then took a walk down Old Palace Road, which we found links Patrixbourne to Bekesbourne. This little road was flooded (not passable at all by vehicle) in two other places, but luckily we could walk the length due to footbridges over the flooded parts. We then came across a church nestled into the hillside:


If you get married here, you can’t be driven to the church door, you have to negotiate this path in your heels:


and then up here….


However, it is so picturesque, it would definitely be worth the walk!

We meandered our way home, driving through Bishopsbourne and then way out into the country on roads that we have never been on. Spent about 5 minutes crawling behind this guy until he eventually found a places to pull over with his horses!


Got home, did an hour of physio, including my Theraband exercises which I hate, but my cats love… them, it’s a giant piece of rubber which shouts “attack me!”

Am now contemplating whether to go into work tomorrow and get a bit more holiday work done, or stay home and work at home…..neither of the two options is inspiring me, but tomorrow has to be a work day one way or another in order to get it all done…..

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The 3Ps

I love my physio sessions. Every time I get realigned through the 3P physio technique:

* poking

* prodding

* pushing

It amazes me that the 3Ps leaves me with my left leg feeling normal and secure. This last year, my lower leg has increasingly felt as if it is dangling off my knee. Doing my exercises helps, but oh my word, the 3Ps sort it out no end…..but it never lasts sadly.

So today went as follows:

1. Up at 5.30 am to get an early start – wanted to go into school on my first day off to get ahead with some holiday work. Luckily I was awake at 5.30 so it wasn’t too much of a challenge.

2. Then physio to be poked, prodded and pushed

3. Lunch and veg out – watched a couple of episodes of “Doctors” on BBC iplayer – I love this programme – it’s crap, but good crap to veg out to.

4. Housework – hmmmm mainly shifting c*** upstairs as my friend was popping over and a bit of floor cleaning.

5. Tea and ooops 2 glasses of vino and a bag of maltesers……that wasn’t on the plan….

6. Gentle walk, just over a mile. Physio said lots of short walks will help – don’t do the long ones for the time being :(

7. Physio exercises

So, all in all a very productive and relaxing first day of the holidays!

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crash and burn 50000 calorie challenge

Wow. Haven’t posted in nearly a month.

But today for me, marks the start of the Eater (that was a serious typo – but maybe a Freudian slip!) should say Easter holiday.

March was a bit of an “Eater” month. Work has been incredibly difficult, can’t go into details due to confidentiality, but let’s just say we are even more stretched to our limit. In the days of in year fair access, we wouldn’t be in our current situation; but those days are long gone. So March was an Eater month as I wanted chocolate to console myself after day after difficult day. A glass of wine a night was also consumed. Last week I saw the error of my ways, and in my own typical style managed a complete cold turkey week, no alcohol, no chocolate or biscuits. This week I’ve fallen back off the wagon.

Part of my lack of motivation is also linked to my ongoing knee problem. Not only are they saying it’s not tracking properly, they’re now saying my bones are pinching into the fat pad in my knee which gives me those intense pain jolts.

I’m trying my best to do my physio twice a day, which is easy at weekends, but in the week I tend to manage just once and that just isn’t enough. All the things I love to do exercise wise (cycling, walking, swimming, Just Dance on the Wii) and dream to do (running) are just not being done cos the more I’m using my knee, the more it is hurting.

This time last year I first started physio. It took about 9 weeks and then I was fixed. This time, I’m 8 weeks in, have had more sessions, and am not seeing the same results. Will it just stay like this? Will it not heal?

It’s a self perpetuating cycle too:

1. The more weight I put on through naughty treats, the more pressure I will put on my knees.
2. The heavier I get, the less energy I will have.

So. What to do. BREAK THE CYCLE!

1. Use the holiday to do physio twice daily.
2. Do little walks, not long ones.
3. Maybe go back to the GP, see what they say
4. Wine – have none in the week
5. Chocolate – none allowed
6. Biscuits – we don’t ever have any at home, so hopefully will have two weeks biscuit free
7. Blog more often in order to help myself be more accountable (am always more motivated in Janathon and Juneathon)

I have to say my 50000 calorie challenge that I started last year and should be ending in May seeing me a stone lighter has failed. But failed isn’t a productive word and it doesn’t match my mind set. Failure to me would mean I’d ducked out of it, and couldn’t be bothered. Most of the time I’ve either been out exercising and not drinking / having treats. I haven’t met my target due to not being able to exercise strenuously enough. I’d cut out SO much, most weeks having nothing between meals, and most weeks either no alcohol or the odd glass or two (except the odd night out).

So the challenge isn’t a failure, I won’t look at it like that. Instead, it is a chance to celebrate my mostly positive mind set, that despite the challenges, I always want to raise myself back up, look to the future and make the most of my life.

Happy Eater holidays everyone!!

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shorts, scarves and overcoats

We’ve had a lovely weekend out and about the last two days. Yesterday, we managed to walk into Canterbury on the river path for the first time in months. The path is just slightly flooded in some places, the worst being really near to Canterbury, where it came over the tops of our trainers, but the warm sun soon dried that out.

Hubby prophetically said that we would see a range of clothing, and that we did. Three people in shorts, quite a few scarves still out, and one man in an overcoat. Ooh and two teenage girls in shorts and flipflops. Yes, flipflops!

We clocked up 5.5 miles yesterday and I did all of my physio. Today, we’ve clocked up 3.5 miles and might head out for another mile later…..but I really should be working and I still have my physio to do….

I’m feeling really uninspired by next week. Am not looking forward to work at all. However, once this week is done, it’s another week closer to the holiday….just don’t like thinking about work in that way though!

On a brighter note we walked through the orchards today. Just after Christmas the farmer took out all of his trees and there was a strange planning notice pinned to a telegraph pole by his field which didn’t make sense to us. Was he selling up, would the public still have rights of way?

Well, this is what has happened:


Stakes and wires all across where the orchard was. What will it be? I think vines, hubby thinks peas.

Other sights included:


A couple of years ago, one of this chap’s cousins managed to escape his field and amble up to the hospital, and was found staring through a window to the kidney ward if I remember rightly. Here’s the story.

The views and colours were stunning again today


To finish off the afternoon, we drove back down to Bridge, to see how things are going there with the flooding. Brewery Lane is now open again, but not all of the pumps were in action and we only saw two tankers. We were able to walk down the lane to the “ford”


This is actually where hubby came off his bike in drier times and broke a couple of ribs!

Well, over and out for now. I’ve put off my physio and school work long enough.

Oooh, in terms of weight loss…I did do my weigh in; as I thought, I have put on weight, but only one pound. Phew!

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small steps

After yesterday’s moany post I decided I needed to make a concerted effort to get back in the groove. So I dusted my bike off and braved the path. I only had half an hour before I had to meet a friend, so it was a quick experimental ride.

Small sections of the path are still flooded, and mainly these are only 2 to 3 cm deep. This was the deepest part, requiring a bit of careful riding. This part came up to the bottom of my pedal. I hadn’t changed down gears and was having to concentrate hard on my knee, keeping it in line with my foot as per my physio’s instructions. Putting the extra pressure through the joint in the water when I’d forgotten to change down has ended up with it hurting again, but hopefully that’ll pass.


It was a really beautiful day out yesterday, the light and colours were fantastic, really uplifting.


This was the entrance to this section of the path 4 weeks ago –


Everything now seems to be slowly recovering, the water is flowing back from the fields into the river, and the stench is becoming less noticeable.

This weekend I should do my weigh in; have been resisting this as I know I’ve put weight on due to lack of exercise and hubby has been buying me lots of treats as work has / is super stressful. We’ll see whether I do or not. Might just prefer to try and walk it off without the numbers telling me what I know. I’m never going to meet my challenge as my knee just isn’t healing quick enough for vigorous exercise. But, I can at least try and keep my weight steady and am only half a stone overweight so that’s no big deal.

Physio wise I have another new exercise to do with a “theraband.” I have to step into it and tie it round the door handle and do 30 squats to the side, back and front. Plus all my other physio exercises. Did a full set of everything tonight, it took 50 minutes!!

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stressy days

I’m really wishing we had a Febathon or Marchathon…..I’ve slipped really badly into being a bit of a couch potato recently, not helped either by work being really rather difficult. My journeys have all been taking about 20 – 30 minutes extra due to roadworks, road closures etc and getting in at 6.45 after leaving in the morning at 7.15 is no fun.

We’re waiting for the big “O” phone call. We’re still another 6 weeks away from when it could come, but pressure is being applied left right and centre. This week I’ve had a near enough sleepless night, pulsating neck vein and wow my head hurts!

Have had to swap my day off this week so at last have some to blog, well moan…..sorry for the depressing post!

We’ve managed one or two walks per week, and my knee is slowly improving. Am now allowed to cycle again, but not had time to get out yet, and the path is still flooded. With the warm weather we’re going to be having, we’re hoping that it might recede enough to get out properly on.

Am hoping things at work might settle a bit as everyone is literally on a tightrope. That tightrope is being stretched and pulled so, so tight by so many different people that it is in danger of snapping spectacularly.

Thank you Mr Gove for changing the education system to that what it is now. I so agree with you and your cronies that children learn in incremental levels that can be plotted smoothly on a graph. And of course, said graph will have points plotted to show termly progress increasing every 6 weeks. And of course, violent traumas that children witness will not hamper their ability to learn. And of course, our graphs will not flatten out or dare I say drop! And of course, no matter a child’s needs, they will make progress at that same rate as their peers with no medical / learning needs. And of course, one teacher and one part time TA per class is enough to meet all of the individual needs of all children, whatever those needs might be.

I love my job, I really do. But I don’t like it at the moment.

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