Second blog this week and I am doing well with being more active again.

After a couple of weeks of slacking on the physio front, I’ve bucked my ideas up and have completed all my exercises the last few days. Normal service is resuming on the walking front, hubby and I have been out for two half an hour walks the last two evenings, we’ve seen some amazing Christmas lights and have marveled at the positions that people must have had to get their bodies into in order to erect the lights!

As I’m now on the wrong side of 40, the middle age spread is getting to me. I have to use my trampette for one of my physio exercises, and I’ve decided to very gently jog on it. That way I can easily raise my heart rate, but not have to worry about impact. I’m only doing a teeeny tiny amount at the moment, as I need to balance my ankle getting better, and ever since I’ve had colitis, whenever I run it always sets it off the next day. I can’t afford that to happen as am on the lowest steroid dose I’ve ever been on. So, tiny steps. But hopefully, little tiny bits can, over time, be built up (ankle and knee permitting!) into slightly longer bits! Then middle age spread – you may find yourself on the way out!


And today’s pic, this is of one of our cats relaxing after my mini, mini jog :)photo (2)

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Can I remember how to post?

Wow. It’s been a long time. And I don’t like to admit this, but by the end of October, I’d put on half a stone, making me a stone and a half HEAVIER than I was in my first Juneathon in 2013. Not good eh?

weight gain

(image courtesy of google)

So, how has this happened? Well, in the summer whilst dashing to meet a friend I turned my ankle. Not massively, and it didn’t hurt much at the time, but the aftermath has been an ongoing problem. I started having terrible pains underneath my foot after this whenever I walked. I tried RICE-ing it, but that was no help. Spoke to my physio and mentioned the turning of the ankle, and it all goes back to that. I’ve spent the last few months trying to strengthen it with various exercises, and am getting there slowly!

I also have to admit that some weight gain has been self inflicted…..September – October I was eating a pack of maltesers daily, plus having a glass of wine when getting home from work…..

So, for 4 weeks now I’ve cut out the wine and chocolate and have lost 4 pounds! Yay! Go me!

Janathon, you are looming. Hmmm. Will I manage you this next year? Let’s hope so :)

Ooh, and by the way, I passed my last Masters assignment! Just one more to go!

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Slacking off!


Well…..not much exercise was completed in July. I blame it on endoftermitis. We were still expecting the big “O”, but they didn’t come. So we were really working up to the wire, full on, 100%. Added to that was the fact that I was leaving that job and an awful lot of extra things needed doing. Stress levels were super high and not much exercise or even physio was completed.

This slacking off lark has meant that my nice firm muscles have degenerated to jelly. So last week I restarted my physio and went out for walks every day, building up to 6 miles a day by Friday. Hmmmm. Good, apart from the fact that every day I was walking I was experiencing pain in my foot. I never have this, so tried to ignore it and didn’t think much of it.

We went away to friends for the weekend, didn’t think much about it then, but when back on Monday and going out for said walk, it was like having marbles in between my foot bones on the base of my foot. It’s continued to get worse, so I’ve jacked in the walking and in between holiday stuff am RICEING – well apart from the compression part. That is helping, but I had this before…..

A few years ago, I did a jumping challenge with my class (barefoot – hence the injury – you were meant to wear trainers…..I didn’t have them with me and thought I’d be ok……) I did pretty well against my fit Y6 boys, but then a few hours later, A.G.O.N.Y. I spent most of the Easter hols that year with my foot up, which did cure it, but trashed my holiday.

Hmmmm. This getting old lark ain’t much fun! I have absolutely NO idea how I’ve done this, but am seeing the physio tomorrow, so hopefully she can advise!

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Day 30

It’s not been a very successful Juneathon for me this year, despite the weather being so much better than last June!

Last year we went out for long walks every night, but not managed that this year, just too much work to do. Never mind, I have tried my best to juggle everything.

Today, no walks, am just taking a quick break from school work to blog and do physio.

Not long till the holidays now, hoping to get out and about more then!

Well done everyone for making it to the end! :)

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Day 29 – Running the risk of divorce

My poor husband. He has been neglected this weekend, and subjected to a barrage of music he hates…..e.g. playing at the moment in our household is:



Ooops….upside down.

Well, never mind.

Neglect – this weekend has been pretty awful for me school work wise:

1. Ofsted prep – they still haven’t come so the prepping machine keeps on going

2. Lesson prep for my new class next week (transition in my new school – exciting!)

3. Masters homework……not helped by the university accidentally de-registering me mid course so I have no library access

4. General work catch up

5. Continual tying up of loose ends before I leave

Worked about 7 hours yesterday and today, about 5.

So hubby went out on his bike alone whilst I crunched data. Thrilling. Not.

Poor effort again for me Juneathon wise…..UC painful again today so no walking, just done 30 mins of physio, but am going to put in a bit more before bed :)

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Sore knees Day 28

Have taken things easy today. Knees still sore after silly exploits of the other day.

Have completed a lot of physio though whilst watching the tennis until the rain came and two things happened:

1. It knocked off the signal so missed the end of the match
2. Had to stop physio in order to comfort Georgey who had become very scared by the sound of the rain!



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Glastonbury inspired prance about

Watched Blondie on BBC4 tonight……ahhhhh…..the memories of the late 70s and early 80s came flooding back.

Hubby and I then decided to have a prance about the longue and that definitely counted for my Juneathon today.

Did a bit of physio too whilst hubby was armchair prancing to his tunes.

Happy days!

prance about

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