Day 29

Life has at last returned to normal. No longer needed to cover for my job share so tomorrow I get my first Friday off in 2015! Yippee!

Today’s Janathon = 50 minute walk, plus 30 minutes physio


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day 28

Am having an end of the month surge in blogging. Two days in a row!

Today – 30 minutes physio first thing

tonight – 40 minute walk

Better than nothing!! :)

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Day ??? – day 27

Not a successful Janathon in some ways for me,but life has got in the way completely this time.

i have however, this last week been more active, 30- 40 minute walk each night and have done 30 minutes physio each morning.

That’s about it! Been too busy covering for a colleague and flat buying for much else! :)

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Janathon catch up Days 11 – 18

It’s been a tad busy this week. I’m continuing to cover for my job share who’s off sick, and will be covering again next week too. And attempting to do my other job at the same time! In amongst all of that we’ve been looking at properties and have put an offer in this weekend. Exciting, but scary…

So, basically, no exercise has been completed. Sorry Janathon!

My left knee is now feeling it, and for the first time in ages yesterday I had shooting pains through it. However, I’d completely ditched my physio routines last week too, so started again last night, which will, in time, strengthen it.

Oh to be young again and not have these aches and pains!

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Janathon Days 9 & 10

I have been slacking in posting, but that is partly due to trying to get all my school work completed on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon was spent shopping for birthday presents, and Saturday night and the rest of today was and will be taken up with various birthday celebrations for friends and family. Tis a lovely weekend and am feeling very smug at having completed my school work early!

Anyway, back to Janathon.

Friday – had an excellent session with my physio and have been given new exercises to help strengthen and stabilise my ankle. At least my knee now seems under control. Thankfully I like the ones I’ve been given, that always helps to motivate me! So Friday was just physio, but I had a sore bum to show for it.

Saturday – I’d ditched my little plan of jogging on my trampoline to try and get fitter after I twisted my ankle. HOWEVER my lovely physio now says so long as I only do it for a short time, I can do it as it’ll help to strengthen the joint. So we did a 3k walk whilst shopping, a mini trampoline jog – just 60 seconds – that’s enough for my ankle – and then more physio.

Today….well, am still in the process of rehydrating my body from last night, so Janathon will have to happen a little later!

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Gymn-tastic Janathon Day 8

An unusual Janathon for me today – nice to be able to break the drudgery. Today I was on a gymnastics course, learning how to teach forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs and vaults.

We had to do a bit of practical too ourselves, (luckily not too much as I am no longer the flexible child I used to be!).

Our tutor had as rocking back and forth, trying to go right back nearly into a backward roll, then to spring forward to standing. Rocking I was good at, but springing to standing…..hmmmm, neither my knees or ankles would let me.

I also learnt something new called a teddy bear roll. Lol, that was funny, a hall of adults trying to do those without taking each other out and crotches ending up in places that they really shouldn’t! Great fun was had by all.

So that was my Janathon today, topped off by a walk around the block and a bit of physio to finish off. A thoroughly enjoyable day!

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Janathon Day 7 Ooops!

Exercise wise today is a fail. Teaching wise a success; very pleased with my little y3s and their progress with speech marks and rounding. It’s 9.15pm and I still need to finish marking….So no walks for me tonight, but will manage an extra bit of physio later.

So really, my Janathon today is my blogging – a poor show, but with a staff meeting and a heavy marking load I can’t fit it all in!

Can’t wait for the weekend!

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