Unfinished Juneathon

Juneathon started late for me, then I tailed off. I’d been feeling under the weather and really tired, but had  it down to school and report writing etc. However, two weeks ago I developed a really bad pain in my tummy, GP sent me straight to A&E where I had a scan and it turned out I had appendicitis plus a problem with my colitis.

The NHS are brilliant, they took out all of the offending material, and I’ll get my results in a few days, hopefully all will be well and I won’t need anything else doing. But to go to the GP with a bit of a tummy ache, then be whisked in and operated on as soon as the results were in, I think that’s amazing!

All of the hospital staff were lovely, so reassuring,mind you I was pumped full of morphine for a lot of my time there!

So exercise is exceptionally moderate while I heal, just walks around the garden and I managed a walk around our mini block too today! Yay!

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Checking in days 16 and 17

Don’t know why, but have been exhausted this week. Fallen asleep as soon as I’ve got in! Magee. One mile walk tonight in the orchards and some physio.

Hoping for normal service to return soon!

That’s all folks! Off to bed now for more zzzzzzs :)

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Juneathon Days 14 and 15

I’m not doing too well this Juneathon. Yesterday only did about a mile of walking. Today no walking, but 30 mins physio this morning.

Man so tired. Went on a maths course this afternoon and after 5 minutes I had a headache. It was good, but full on. The last session was super hard. I couldn’t do buy neither could my colleagues, so not so bad.

My eyes are nearly shut with tiredness. Must go bed now. Night night.

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Juneathon days 12 and 13

Yesterday we had a friend round for tea so not much Juneathoning was completed. Walked about a mile taking her home and maybe nearly, just nearly another mile earlier in the day shopping.

Today and yesterday has all been about report writing, that ubiquitous curse of the summer term for teachers. I’ve done quite well and going to press on tomorrow as well as completing planning.  Not much of a restful weekend. But I’ll break the back of it that way.

Hubby has finished building me my swing seat in the garden, it is FANTASTIC!


I’m trying to go as long as possible at the moment without wine, 3 and a half weeks in at the moment, but I will love sitting there with a glass of red! Today it was just a cup of tea, but swinging gently in the warmth of the sun was just lovely! Thank you hubby!

Ooh and today’s Juneathoning, a 2 mile walk and a bit of physio.

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Juneathon Day 11

Another good day at work :) I took my new intake for my ICT club who happen to be children who will be in my class next year. They are so lovely. I’m really lucky to work in such an amazing school.

The rest of the day was good too, productive meetings and lots accomplished.

Thankfully, my head allowed me to get our IT guy to look at my home laptop. We have to use our own personal laptops for planning, so I thought it only fair that school coughed up for mine to be fixed! Apparently my hard drive is on its way out. He managed to do a fix, but will soon need to either buy a new laptop or hard drive. Thankfully I’ve had a massive tax rebate so that will help with either decision.

Juneathon today, only about 10 mins of physio today as I needed to be out of the house early to prep for meetings. Then we completed a 2.25 mile walk tonight. Photos from tonight’s walk; the first I think might be cow parsley? Not sure. But I liked how the light played on the flower. Hope it shows up. The second is of today’s sunset. Beautiful again :)cow parsley


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Juneathon Day 10

A quickie tonight as just finished work and need bed.

Brilliant course today  – learnt all about how to use an ICT programme to support a wide range of needs. We got time to make our own resources to – were given a free memory stick to use back in school – result! Lovely lunch, fish pie, veg etc, chocolate cake and so many other treats.

Even breaks were good as they had lots of fruit and herb teas as well as normal stuff. All round a lovely day!

Tonight have worked for hours to try to catch up with the bits I missed from not being in today. Am pleased with my progress :)

And we fitted in a 1.5 mile walk for Juneathon! Hooray! Oooh, and after lots of updates….my laptop seems to be working again…. fingers x

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Juneathon day 9

Managed to use my laptop to blog, but just as I pressed “publish” my laptop died again. Seems to work ok for about 15 mins, then gives up the ghost.

Today, fantastic work from my class. Love them to bits, they are great kids and will miss them when they move up!

juneathon today – 30 mins physio plus 1.5 miles walking

Plus lots of walking up and down corridors!

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