A busy Janathon day 3

imageToday started with hubby and I trying to play rounders/ baseball with 2 unused rolls of wrapping paper and a ball of used paper (yes, we are both feeling better, and a bit mad!)It was certainly good fun, and I felt very proud that for once my hand eye coordination was better and I managed to hit most “balls” on my first attempt. Our game was stopped abruptly when hubby managed to smash a hole through one of our lamp shades…he’s fixed it well and you can’t see the tear / hole! Next off we toddled to the river only to be met by a wet and bedraggled cyclist (bizarrely on one of those folding bikes with tiny wheels ). She stopped us and pleaded with us to go no further “it’s too dangerous!” She told us and then told us she’d fallen in the river. (Didn’t quite believe her as she was surprisingly dry for someone who had supposedly taken a dunking). We assured her we weren’t going to enter the water and then she was happy. The river was up extremely high again will now post pics via twitter as WordPress on phone keeps deleting them. Also George, one of our cats has decided to enter Janathon; he’s been playing football for most of today-pics will be on twitter…..hope my edits appear and I don’t lose more of this entry!


About iwalkicycle

My daily mission is to keep conquering my colitis that I've had for over 20 years now. I love to try and keep fit; walking and cycling is my thing! However, have done less of the cycling recently since injuring my knee :(
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One Response to A busy Janathon day 3

  1. iwalkicycle says:

    Argh! Day 3 fail! Had 3 more pictures in here, 2 of my cat playing football in true Janathon style and one of the flooded river…don’t know what goes wrong when I hit “publish” as in “preview” everything is there! Oh to get my laptop back from repair and not to have to blog via my phone anymore!! Sorry. Rant over.

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